Jean MacLeod is a Communications Director and Social Media Specialist with a passion for teaching Digital Literacy. She is an award-winning blogger, a published author, and the strategist and manager behind SMART/SIMPLE Media. Mom to 3 very online children.

Contact:  jem@jeaniemac.com

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Jean MacLeod My Work is About Your Bbusiness

MY WORKSHOPS for Students and Adults

  • Tweens, Teens & Social Media: What Parents and Educators Need to Know
  • SMART/SIMPLE Social Media
  • Your Career Insurance: LinkedIn & Social Media
  • Social Media REPAIR for Teens (Clean Up Your Digital Footprint!)
  • Twitter in 20 Minutes
  • Facebook for Educators
  • Six SMART/SIMPLE Secrets to Social Media Success in Business
  • Social Media & Your #PLN
  • Your Career in Social Media (for students)


MORE ABOUT the Popular “Tweens, Teens & Social Media” Workshop:

Over 2000 parents and educators have attended presentations of the workshop, Tweens, Teens & Social Media: What PARENTS & EDUCATORS Need to Know.

JOIN attendees from Troy Tech Talks;  WDIV-TV; 2016 Parent Conference & Resource Fair; Western Oakland County Parenting Fair; Oakland Schools; Macomb County Schools; Farmington PTA; NHCR Church; Independent School of Winchester; The Highlands School…


  • Why scare tactics don’t work – and what DOES
  • Social media resources and curriculum
  • Why good kids ‘go bad’ on social media, and how to reverse the damage
  • How to create and use social media guidelines that promote good choices
  • How to help tweens/teens integrate social media ‘best practices’ and self-brand

CONTACT me for more information about this helpful, eye-opening and entertaining presentation, because…

 Our Kids Know Something We Don’t…

Jean MacLeod

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1) BROWSE the online clean-up guide, Social Media Repair Guide for Students 2018

2) VIEW/DOWNLOAD the workshop Tweens, Teens & Social Media HELP SHEET 2018 (with live links) 

Jean MacLeood


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