Writer / Editor

Everyone has a story; I help businesses and non-profits build a successful brand by connecting customers to the heart and soul of an organization’s narrative.

Health / Wellness / Aging
My DNA Indicated I Was at Risk for Breast Cancer. Here’s How I Took Control. 
When a Parent Needs Help
How to Save Your Own Life

#LansingWalks: The Alien Trail
#LansingWalks: Grab Your Dog & Walk Through History! 

Day-Hiker: Catching Air in Colorado
Vacationing on Four Legs 

Parenting / Adoption
When We Were All Irish 
Divorce After Adoption
Directions Not Included 
China’s Hidden Children: A Reader’s Guide (with Dr. Kay Johnson, LiLi Johnson, Lily Rau)

Video Script / Production
Detroit Pistons’ PSA for public education /script
Partners in Progress – Hartland Township /script

Crisis Management / Social Media
HELLFIRE COMM: Would You be Ready?
Is Your Middle-schooler Ready for a Smartphone?

Teacher Warriors, One Year Later
ED Camp / ED Connect 
Opening the Door: Talking Truth About Teen Suicide

Client Advertorials – Mortgage Industry; Home Health Care
When Life Makes Plans
REAL LIFE: Christine, age 74
My Secret Phone Call Was Just Part of the Job

Honest Dog Mom Talk 
How to Catch Your Life on Fire

Municipal Government
Picture Yourself HERE

Where Are We $pending Your Money? 

Books Published
At Home in This World
Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections

Writing Credits: Detroit Pistons PSA commercial, Oakland County Prosper Magazine, Oakland Schools Blog, Partners Magazine, Michigan Township Association Focus Magazine, The Billfold, Marisa Home Care Blog, Adoption TODAY Magazine, Adoptive Families Magazine, Lifelines Magazine, Tapestry Books, Children’s Hope International, Bethany, Michigan Department of Treasury, GreenStone Farm Credit Services.