Workshop Handouts

View/Download HANDOUT > Tweens, Teens & Social Media HELP SHEET


More Really Helpful RESOURCES

TIPS for Dealing with Teen Sexting (Connect Safely)

Screen Smart Guidelines for Every Age  by Dr. Kimberly S. Young

Digital Citizenship K-12 Curriculum – for Educators & Parents (Common Sense Media)

Warning Signs of Problematic Internet Use – Tech Addiction, Online Gaming & Porn (Center for Living)

Talking to Kids About PORN by Sali Hughes

Talking Truth About Teen Suicide (with Resources) – Jean MacLeod (Oakland Schools)


 What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? – Dr. Alison Gopnik (The Wall Street Journal)

The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet – Richard Knox (NPR)

Jean MacLeod

Workshop NEWS

Know what’s ‘app’ening in your child’s online life (C&G News)

Seminar on Internet Safety Offered FREE at Oakland Schools (Oakland Press)

Jean macleod

CONTACT Jean MacLeod, Social Media Specialist, Oakland Schools at



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