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Tweens, Teens and Social Media HELP SHEET 2018

Tweens, Teens & Social Media

More Really Helpful RESOURCES

50 Best APPS for Parents of Tweens & Teens Wonderful compilation of VERY useful family organization and education apps;  mobile monitoring apps; safety away from home apps; road safety apps…

The Tech Industry’s War on Kids  –“These parents say their kids’ extreme overuse of phones, video games, and social media is the most difficult parenting issue they face — and, in many cases, is tearing the family apart”. A GREAT READ…

TIPS for Dealing with Teen Sexting (Connect Safely)

Talk About Sexting: A Guidebook (Common Sense Media)

Screen Smart Guidelines for Every Age  by Dr. Kimberly S. Young

Digital Citizenship K-12 Curriculum – for Educators & Parents (Common Sense Media)

Warning Signs of Problematic Internet Use – Tech Addiction, Online Gaming & Porn (Center for Living)

Talking to Kids About PORN by Sali Hughes

Talking Truth About Teen Suicide (with Resources) – Jean MacLeod 


 What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? – Dr. Alison Gopnik (The Wall Street Journal)

The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet – Richard Knox (NPR)

Jean MacLeod

Workshop NEWS

Know what’s ‘app’ening in your child’s online life (C&G News)


Jean macleod

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